Contaminated Soil Removal

We've completed thousands of contaminated soil removal projects for clients throughout the Midwest.

Soil Remediation & Non-Hazardous Waste Removal

RW Collins is the premier soil remediation company for clients throughout the Midwest. We’ve successfully completed thousands of contaminated soil  remediations across a wide variety of pollutants. Our highly experienced project managers, field crews, and industry-leading equipment fleet ensure that every contaminated site is cleaned up safely and to the highest client standards.

Contaminated or non-hazardous waste site locations include industrial facilities, power plants, service stations, trucking company terminals, hospitals, schools, office buildings, dry cleaners, brownfields, and more.

  • Waste and soil remediation procedures include: excavation by OSHA HAZWOPER trained personnel, transportation by Licensed Special Waste Haulers, and disposal at EPA permitted and licensed facilities
  • When on-site treatment is not feasible, impacted materials are loaded directly into tarped semi-dump trucks for off-site transportation and disposal
  • All trucks are decontaminated to remove materials from the wheels and body of the vehicle before leaving the site
  • We pump, store, and dispose of liquid waste on sites that involve both soil and groundwater contamination
  • We use a foaming agent to suppress airborne odors when removing coal tar source material
  • Waste disposal authorizations (waste profiles) for soil disposal are obtained at the appropriate facilities
  • Waste and solid disposal manifests for hazardous or non-hazardous waste are prepared and tracked for all sites
  • Full documentation of soil disposal is provided to clients upon completion of the project

Other contaminated soil remediation tasks include onsite stabilization of RCRA hazardous soil with elevated lead concentrations; solidifying, containerizing and disposing of PCM contaminated sludge; and offsite disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous soils.

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Case Studies

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