MGP Site & Brownfield Redevelopment

Manufactured Gas Plant and Brownfield Remediation

We are Chicago’s premier environmental contractor for manufactured gas plant and brownfield sites throughout the Midwest. Former manufactured gas plants (MGPs) are an environmental liability and often require remediation prior to redevelopment. We provide a variety of services to clean up these and other sites.

  • Pollutants on these sites include: volatile organic compounds, poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals
  • Coal tar, a common MGP byproduct can leach out and affect soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater
  • We excavate and haul contaminated material to EPA approved disposal facilities
  • We coordinate and support the installation of earth retention systems, pumping for de-watering purposes, utility cutoffs, backfill and compaction, and restoration of surface areas
  • RW Collins Co. has completed more than 20 MGP site and brownfield redevelopment projects throughout Illinois, Indiana and Ohio

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