MGP Site Remediation — Dixon

RW Collins completed site remediation for a Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) in Dixon, IL.
Due to close proximity of city streets and sidewalk, an innovative bracing system was used for earth retention, with internal struts to avoid projecting beyond property lines

Remediation Tasks

  • Excavation of various areas of the site including coal tar impacted soils
  • Backfill excavated areas with aggregate
  • Furnish and install Mega Brace shoring system
  • Excavation of piping trench areas and removal of soil and/or piping
  • Monitored for airborne contaminants including VOCs, SVOCs and cyanide

Other Tasks

  • Mobilized and set up site trailer, security fence, erosion controls and decontamination area
  • Cleared all vegetation and trees from river work area
  • De-watering
  • Application of odor suppressant foam
  • Implemented erosion and storm water control measures
  • Implemented dust control measures
  • Removed all concrete debris from excavation areas
  • Restored vegetative cover over work areas
  • Demobilized equipment, site trailer, fence and storage boxes from site

Project Facts

  • 84 day project
  • 13,000 tons of soil removed
  • Replaced with gravel backfill material