RW Collins Company and the present and former directors, officers, agents and team members respect the privacy of personal information and is committed to protecting any personal information that we handle. We have developed privacy policies and procedures that formalize our commitment to the principles of responsible and lawful collection, use and disclosure of personal information. In particular, we will:

  • Only collect, use and process an individual’s personal information with his / her consent.
  • Limit our use and handling of an individual’s personal information to necessary and identified purposes related to that individual’s business or employment relationship with RW Collins Company.
  • Only share, disclose or transfer an individual’s personal information when required by law or as necessary to carry out the purpose for which it was collected.
  • Require all third parties that receive personal information from us to keep such information secure and confidential, and to use such personal information only in accordance with our strict instructions.
  • Only allow authorized individuals to access personal information, and always use reasonable measures to protect such personal information from inappropriate use, access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.
  • Only keep an individual’s personal information for as long as is required by law or as necessary for the purpose for which the personal information was collected, after which time it will be destroyed, deleted or made anonymous.
  • Allow an individual, upon request, to access his / her personal information, if appropriate, and inform the individual of any use, retention or disclosure of his / her personal information.
  • Keep an individual’s personal information as accurate as necessary, in light of the purpose for which it will be used, and encourage the individual to assist us by requesting appropriate changes to any inaccuracies he / she discovers in his / her personal information.
  • Establish simple and accessible procedures to process and respond to any complaints that an individual may have regarding our privacy and personal information handling practices.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices, please contact us